Introducing Samsung SCM Compact 2.3 Release
Posted by Chad Page on 01 June 2018 09:27 AM


Introducing Samsung SCM Compact 2.3 Release

Samsung is pleased to announce the release of SCM Compact 2.3 software for the IPX-300B VoIP Server. This release


SCM Compact 2.3 Product Features


The following Product Features are supported with the new SCM Compact 2.3 software:


  • Call recording support on Embedded VM – SCM Compact now support the use of the 6 channel embedded VM ports for IP Phone call recording
  • Answer Call Waiting via Hook flash – In this release by setting the Cabinet or Gateway configuration there is an option for Waiting Call Answer by Hook Flash. This is set per Cabinet/Gateway.
  • Digit Insertion for Analog Phones – An added configuration is provided in Single Phone User for Analog Phones to set a digit when phone is Off Hook. For example - you can set a 9 for external calls and then just dial your 7 or 10 digit number.
  • FXS Phone continuous Dial tone –When an FXS line is off-hook the SCM will send continuous Dial tone to the line with no expiration timer.



SCM Compact 2.3 Issues Resolved and Enhancements


The following issues in previous versions have been updated:

  • Log Setting and Gateway Log Setting were improved in ascending order
  • Domain Name Length value has been reduced in Trunk Route.
    • 2 and below 131
    • 3 and above 60
  • The SCMC immediately attempts the re-register all FXS lines when TLS reconnects between SCMC/SCME and G500
  • Corrected a License issue with Phone Type field that becomes greyed out when entered.
  • Corrected Call Graph on Main GUI display that did not match call table numbers.
  • Correct error after 64 trunk routes are setup using DNS.
  • Corrected Call History display of “Call Failure” when Call Park was successful
  • Corrected ACD Overflow issues
    • when only the first member of parallel hunt group with an ACD group overflow rings
    • a call is dropped when an ACD call is overflowed and forwarded
    • call waiting feature of hunt group doesn’t work when an ACD call is overflowed to a parallel hunt group
    • a hunt group members doesn’t display ACD information when an ACD call is overflowed to hunt group
  • Corrected an issue that immediately disconnected after receiving a call to the VM
  • Corrected an issue when a call is dropped after a user picks up an incoming call. This is because the SCM did not process the receiving INVITE message as soon as the call is picked up.
  • Corrected an issue when the display shows the 5 first characters of the Route name as the CLI during an anonymous call being delivered to the phone
  • Corrected an issue when a multi ring trunk member could not display the callers number when an incoming call is transferred to a Multi Ring extension
  • Corrected an issue with the codec option(“annexb=no”) for the G729 when VM is Called



Training and Certification


Integrated online training is available within the Samsung portal