SCM Express v6.4 Product Release
Posted by Elliot Ross on 02 August 2018 11:51 AM



Introducing Samsung SCM Express Release 6.4


Samsung is pleased to announce the release of SCM Express 6.4 software for the IPX-500B VoIP Server.

This release provides new features and several updates to the system.


SCM Express v6.4 Product Features

 The following Product Features are supported with the new SCM Express 6.4 software:


OpenSSL Version upgraded to 1.0.2

PRI Redirecting Number  A field has been added to the PRI Trunk Menu (CONFIGURATION->Cabinet/slot->PRI Trunk) to provide the ability to change the billing of the call from the direct call to the call redirect number.

System Kernal upgrade Upgraded kernel version to 2.6.32-696.20.1.el6.x86_64 - Defenses kernel vulnerability (Melt down, CVE-2017-5754), (spectre,CVE-2017-5753, CVE-20175715) - Supports new model : Dell R640

Random CLI: This feature provides the ability to send an outbound-only number to the calling number

Multi-ring List menu added in multibatch page: From the Multi-Batch Key programming users can setup the Multi-Ring lists.

SNMPv3 USM Feature. -   Supports SNMP v3 Feature USM(User based Security Model)

Maximum count for Dispatch Call Group extended from 100 to 500

Beep Tone option added when receiving a new call while on an active call

Stop recording button added to BLF key


 SCM Express v6.4 Issues Resolved and Enhancements


Updated the Call Graph to be drawn according to Call Table at SCME_GUI main

  System will block the old protocol from appearing to call graph in accordance with call table.

Removed the input of ‘/’ in some fields by copy & paste to prevent errors in CDR

An issue to clear the Active status when VM channel is idle in VM/AA

An issue that VM Prompt does not play smoothly

An issue when email notifications fail when voice mail have been received

Intermittent retrieve fail of Parked call through SIP trunk.

In case that WeVoIP is included in Hunt Group and “No Answer Destination” of Hunt Group is set to Voice-Mail, Call doesn’t go to Voice-Mail of Hunt Group.

SCM server Active/Standby switching when SIPB uses over 15,000 APP resources

Transmission failure issue of SMS success message between Master and Slave. o Fixed the problem that members of the master cannot notify SMS status after sending SMS to members of Slave.

DB input error when over Max Park Orbit BLF key value (128)

  [Configuration > User > Phone Key Programming, AOM Key Programming]

Multi ring member display issue for an incoming call.

  An issue fixed that caller number is not displayed on multi ring trunk member when an incoming call was transferred to a Multi Ring extension. 

ACD group overflow issues.

  An issue fixed that the call was dropped when an ACD call was overflowed and forwarded again.

  An issue fixed that the call waiting feature of hunt group didn’t work when an ACD call was overflowed to hunt group (parallel).

  An issue fixed that ACD information wasn’t displayed on the hunt group members when an ACD call was overflowed to hunt group (parallel). 

Hot Desking subscriber being logged out abnormally when modifying user information by Admin.


Product Bulletin


The full product release bulletin can be obtained at the following link: