Change in Access to Support Portal
Posted by Chad Page on 22 March 2018 10:47 AM


 We are always looking for ways to enhance your experience as a valued Samsung Partner. Towards that goal, we are undergoing efforts to integrate our partner portal with our support portal and your action is required to ensure a smooth transition.

Effective April 2nd, 2018 the process to log in to the Support and Self-Service Portal will change, along with the process to open support tickets. 

The email address will no longer automatically create a support ticket.  

To create a support tickets please visit and log in. On the main menu (as pictured below) navigate to “Sales Tools” > “Support” which will direct you to the same support home page you are already familiar with. Your credentials for the support site have not changed, so please use the same username and password or click “lost password” to recover.

If you are having trouble logging into your company may need to register on this site (separate log in for this site vs. the support portal). You can check by visiting this site and click “apply” in the upper right hand corner. Enter your company email address and proceed to select your company if it appears. Otherwise, you will be taken to the form to register your company. If you have any questions about logging into this site, please contact